Unit 7 Reflective Journal


by ?AOI?

15 / 03 / 15


After the trip to Brussels and Antwerp, I decided to make a small editorial which includes photos from the trip that corresponds to each of my words for Unit 7. Also, because most of these photographs only consists of landscapes and close-ups of buildings, streets, walls and other objects, I will be drawing (fashion) illustrations, again to translate the atmosphere/colour associated with each words. So far I have completed pages for Nyoro Nyoro and Churu Churu, carefully selecting photographs from Brussels/Antwerp which describes the texture / colour / atmosphere / emotion of different words.



09 - 10 / 03 / 15

Catch-up with Jo

I discussed what I could do for my publication outcome with Jo. Even though Brussels and Antwerp, and its landscapes might not directly have something to do with my Unit 7 theme, I thought I could photograph things that I find there which relates back to the visions and images that are associated to each of my words. To add more details, I could illustrate next to or on top of the photographs so that the publication doesn't become dull with repeated photographs of landscapes.


I was looking for location for the word 'Kyuru Kyuru', somewhere that has tonnes of colours squished in one part. Because Kyuru Kyuru is very noisy, crazy and fun, I knew I wanted the location to feature graffitis or maybe a colourful skate board park. I was speaking to my hairdresser, who has done hair styling for some magazines, and she told me about a tunnel in waterloo where anyone is free to graffiti in. I visited the place which is right behind the Waterloo station and thought that the place was very suitable for the 'Kyuru Kyuru' photoshoot, since it was like a blast of colour on every wall. I particularly liked the corner of the tunnel where there's an old gas meter and hundreds of used spray can thrown on top of each other. I am for certain that I will go back there to shoot for 'Kyuru Kyuru' as I am amazed at how colourful it is, but that particular corner was shady, ratchet and a bit scary at the same time. This is perfect because 'Kyuru Kyuru' is not just crazy, but it is a little creepy and mental as well. 


12 - 14 / 03 / 15


Trip to Antwerp and Brussels

In Antwerp the first place we visited was the Dries Van Noten exhibition, where his designs were exhibited alongside the inspirations taken in order to make each of the collection. This was so helpful and influential for us because it wasn't just looking at his collection, but we also got to see why and where he developed his ideas from. It was like looking at somebody's sketch book, and not just their final works. The collections I found particularly interesting were the ones that were inspired by a film, video or some kind of fetish, because those are the things that I develop my ideas from and it was a great experience to see where he had applied these inspirations in his designs. In Brussels the street market was probably one of the most exciting part of the day. We looked through many antique objects although I had no intention of buying anything other than clothes. I found a skiing suit and a nice dress to customise for my 'Kyuru Kyuru' photoshoot just under 6 euros. Although I didn't buy anything else, it was so interesting to look at very odd vintage objects such as a silk corset from the 50's to a broken and freaky naked dolls. Visit to Magritto Museum also brought my focus back to fine artists as a source of inspiration, and it reminded me that one of my initial source of visual creativity for unit 7 was surrealism. I wanted to focus on the odd composition and the unique, uncomfortable atmosphere surrealist paintings give to the viewer without using direct expression of grotesque images. 



05 / 03 /15


Today I received an offer from my first preference course, Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins BA. I am so glad and happy about this offer and am motivated to improve everyday as I produce more works. 


11 / 03 / 15


To represent one of the textures which 'Nyoro Nyoro' is associated with, I initially wanted to hire a white snake. Obviously, that was too much trouble and money, so I had to come up with a substance that has a similar texture, white, wet and not expensive. The first thing which came into my mind was slime. I googled 'how to make slime' but most of the recipes online were produced by American people, who had access to 'liquid starch'... which is something very hard to purchase in the UK. The other alternative was borax. Borax is a type of mineral, which is still not purchasable in the shops around UK, but it was much cheaper than liquid starch if I was to buy them online. In the end I bought a kilo of Borax on eBay for two pounds. After that, making slime was easy- you only have to mix PVA, water and borax powder together. It took some practice to figure out how to make slime with the best consistency using each ingredient. 

Also, today the organisation in charge for 'Moseley Road Bath', an unused public swimming pool which I intend to shoot for 'Shito Shito' replied to my email saying they are no longer in charge of opening the venue for photoshoot, and therefore I have to contact 'Film Birmingham'... however 'Film Birmingham' seems to be an organisation who only deals with actual film / TV productions, and I am not sure if they reply to me at all. If they don't I'll have to come up with an alternative location for 'Shito Shito'. Through my research and development I already plan to shoot 'Churu Churu' in a bathroom, so even though bathrooms is a great alternative to shoot 'Shito Shito' for I prefer not to do that. I could 'stage' the photograph by drawing 'wet' and 'tiled' surroundings into the photograph via illustration, but I'm not completely sure if I'll do that.



03 - 04 / 03 / 15


East End Thrift Store

Went to 'fill-a-bag' sale at the East End Thrift Store to find some cheap clothes which I can customise and turn into garments for my shoots. I filled a 10-dollar bag with one pink cotton dress, one red cotton dress, one blue cotton dress, a sequin dress, a blue bomber jacket, creme coloured knitted cardigan with flower patterns and a scarf which has a toy otter face on it. I think I'll use the blue clothes for my 'Shito Shito' photoshoot, and the otter scarf and the cardigan for 'Pafu Pafu'. I think I'll use the sequin dress not as a garment but as a prop, to lay on the floor or to cover part of the model. The red cotton dress will definitely used in the 'Churu Churu' photoshoot, and I will turn it into a two-piece set up and probably add latex or PVC waist band to create a fetish, school girl aesthetics

Progress Tutorial

Had a group progress tutorial with Jo. She really seemed to like the idea of translating Japanese words through fashion. For the upcoming video week she suggested to do a simple video, where I ask Japanese speakers to explain and even visualise their own opinions and meanings for each of the words I have picked. I really liked this idea as well because I thought if I shoot this kind of video with a  clean white background, it will then create a nice balance between (what I plan to be) my overly colourful photoshoots. 



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