Unit 7 Reflective Journal


by ?AOI?

25 - 27 / 02 / 15


Sketchbook work. I've decided to do 2-3 pages of research, development and own visualisation for each of the words I've selected. In these pages I've also explored different types of hair / makeup, what kind of styling I would do. I've developed these ideas from three steps: 1. Do research into artists, graphic and fashion designers who creates works based on the words that are associated to the onomatopoeia 2. Collect photographs of inspiration / research from these artists, collage them around the page and annotate how they're related to a specific onomatopoeia and 3. draw visualisation of own ideas and what I want to feature in the photo shoot, based off the things that I liked about the works I found during the research.



22 / 02 / 15


Phoebe English Show

Went to London Fashion Week to see the Phoebe English runway. Her garments consisted mostly of black and white as usual, however she used one really nice tone of salmon pink / peachy nude colour in a set up piece which many of the audience really liked. To be honest, because it was my first time seeing a fashion show I was just amazed by the venue and the show's atmosphere rather than the actual collection. At the end of the show all the models lined up for the audience to look at each of the garments closely. Looking at the delicate, complex and somehow 'sinister' atmosphere created by Phoebe English's garment reminded me about the Phoebe English project and the outcome. Although our group's photo was selected there is still a thought in me that I couldn't deliver the best outcome for that project to translate our ideas strongly. Because it was the first time I felt the need to express my work aesthetics through cool colours such as black, colour and shades of nude, the fact that I didn't quite succeed is still bothering me. I want to improve the ways I express my thoughts and ideas, not just by using my favourite, bright colour schemes but also using much calmer colour palettes. In the future, most likely for one of my words, 'Nyoro Nyoro', I want to focus on using B/W and still create a visual that is bizarre, a little strange and uncomfortable.


16 - 19 / 02 / 15


I felt a bit stuck on the research process as I wasn't sure what to look for, since my topic is very specific. I need a way to artists and designers who use words, not as an actual subject matter but a basis for their work. I completed a few pages in my sketchbook, for inspirations that isn't specifically for what I'm doing but to show the overall atmosphere I want for my portfolio of work. I am willing to draw inspiration from surrealist and dada-ist artists work and their composition, and try create images that has similar layout / composition to those painting, as well as represent the unique, 'awkward' and uncomfortable feeling that the viewer gets while looking at it.



23 - 24 / 02 / 15

download.php?file=1016052&view=112515&embedded=1&textbox=1016061 download.php?file=1016056&view=112515&embedded=1&textbox=1016061

I was struggling with the research process, as I can't really look up websites or books that specifically talks about artists who uses words as their visual basis, I spoke to Joao about it. He helped me realise rather then looking only at artists / designers who work based on words, I should look into the textures/colours/atmospheres described by the interviewees' association to those words in order to develop my ideas for each of the shoots.  This way I can look into wider range of artists as an inspiration, and still create a visual by my self withdrawing ideas from the research.

I made two samples of drawings, collaged with fabrics that describes the texture and the colour of the words. The two words were 'Nyoro Nyoro' (on left) and 'Mero Mero' (right). By making this collage I can refine in my mind what specific types of props, garments and textures I want to feature in the photoshoot, as well as what type of person I want the model to be.


20 - 21 / 02 / 15


I did a test photoshoot with Lily, for a word 'Churu Churu' based on the things (textures, colours, feelings and atmospheres) which Japanese speakers associated with the word. This photoshoot was to see if I can really represent these ideas as a visual, and also to show people what I meant by my brief. The words associated with 'Churu Churu' was red, white, jelly, high school, puberty, noodles, etc.

Rather than the details of visual aesthetics, this shoot was to see if I can translate the meaning of the word properly through photographs. Therefore I just used natural light and simple styling using the clothes that I owned. I used strawberry laces as a prop and used them as part of styling and makeup, tying it around lily's head and around the collar of the shirt. The colours of red and white against the plain white wall looked coherent, and although it wasn't a part of my plan the light blue of the mattress gave a nice twist as well. I feel without the blue mattress the red and white would've looked too sophisticated and plain for my work's aesthetics. Although there were no actual hair or makeup involved this test shoot gave me confidence as I was able to use the props effectively and the photos turned out like it would look great as a series of work, which is what I need. Through this shoot I also discovered the importance of lighting, as I had to find the angle where the light wasn't harsh and spoiled the photograph. With an odd lighting or shadows the works can easily look like just a random photo, and not look like a fashion photograph at all. 



13 / 02 / 15


Interview with Japanese students- I visited the language class to meet 10 Japanese students, and interviewed them what their association is towards the 6 words. First they helped me come up with 6 onomatopoeias that they thought would be really hard to translate form the list I had made prior to the interview. We narrowed down the choice of words and one by one they answered what colours, emotion, texture and atmosphere they personally associated with each of these words. It was interesting to see how usually 4 or 5 people would have a very similar value for a word, and the rest would have specific, completely different associations. 



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